Researching is awesome. I get to watch movies all day.

I have been churning through A LOT of movies to "research" similar subject matters, stylistic choices, vibes to just straight up cinema classics I still haven't gotten around to seeing. I stumbled across this gem and I absolutely love the sci-fi vibes. I recommend watching this film but if you get sea sick, make sure you take your motion sickness pills first.

From the filmmaker himself, a movie summary - The freighter Fair Lady crosses the ocean. The hypnotic rhythm of its gears reveals the continuous movement of machinery devouring its workers: the last gestures of the old sailors' trade disappearing under the mechanic and impersonal pace of 21st century neocapitalism. Perhaps it is a boat adrift, or maybe just the last example of an endangered species. Although we don't know it, the engines are still running, unstoppable. - Mauro Herce.

What first time director Mauro Herce set out to do seems straightforward, almost clinical: document the journey of an enormous shipping freighter across the Atlantic Ocean. For two and a half months he and his sound technician rode with the crew as they transported their various cargo at anonymous ports around the world.

Like the huge opening stretch of sea that surrounds the ship, detoxing you from linguistic patterns and any remnant of cinematic formula before it flings you into the outer reaches of human experience. This is a film with almost no dialogue, and shots that are held for minutes at a time, but completely engrossing.