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Matariki 2018

Updated: Feb 5, 2018

I've always dreamed about Tahu Nui A Rangi (the Southern Lights) and wondered what my tupuna from Rakiura thought of such a remarkable phenomenon. I've only visited Rakiura once and what remained with me since, was those extended twilight hours in the summer evenings. The beautiful Kōtukutku (Native fuschia) in full bloom and the abundance of kai moana in the cool clear waters of large extended inlets.

The orange hue of lengthy twilight evenings build and transform into brilliant star scapes of purple Milky Way and golden stars presented themselves on a velvet black curtains.

I'm excited to announce my first multimedia art exhibition to help celebrate Matariki this year in Tamaki and Ōtautahi.

I'll be posting here on the projects progression through the year.

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